Missions Interlink New Zealand exists to facilitate collaboration to increase participation in mission from and within Aotearoa NZ. If you have a passion for mission and want to participate in the Missions Interlink missions community you are very welcome to make an application for whakauru (membership). Membership carries both benefits and responsibilities.

Membership Criteria

Membership is at the discretion of the Missions Interlink Council, but here are some core prerequisites.

Membership Rates

Our membership rates are listed on our Connect page here.

Application Form

Please complete the following fields and submit to apply for Missions Interlink membership. Your application will be reviewed by the Missions Interlink Council and we will notify you whether or not it is approved. If approved an invoice will be generated for the appropriate membership subscription fee. For an overview of the membership rates visit our Connect page here.

MI Application
This is only necessary if you are not applying on behalf of an organisation.
Please choose only one
If a Mission Organisation please tally the number of workers in the organisation. This should include NZ staff & overseas field workers, whether paid or voluntary who work/serve more than 6 days per month. The maximum levy charged is for 60 workers.
We will use this address to send you ManaakiCards if your application is successful and the subscription fee is received.
Enter your area code and phone number without spaces.
Include a mobile number if different from daytime number (without spaces)
Please describe your involvement in mission (or organisation's involvement if applying on behalf of an organisation).
Do you accept our Statement Of Faith and agree to abide by our Constitution?
(Hint: Our core documents can be downloaded from the links above.)